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The 21-year-old was offered a new contract at Old Trafford, but decided to leave the club after seven years with the Reds. “I just thought the decision was right for me and for my family; it was time for me to go and make a career for myself,” he previously told Sky Sports . “Manchester United offered me a new contract, but in terms of what I wanted, it was not right. It wasn’t about anything financial, it was just about my career and my progress. What they were offering and their ambitions for me did not match mine. “Because I was out of contract, there were a few teams already aware of my situation and they were coming with bigger contracts and bigger promises for me to progress my career. Read More Jose Mourinho explains why he’s HAPPY with Manchester United’s home form “I would say a two-year contract was not what I was expecting. It was difficult to turn Manchester United down, but you’ve got to think of your career.” Fletcher has Manchester Sport scored one goal in 17 appearances for the Hammers, which came against his former club in the EFL Cup last November. Get all the latest Manchester United news first with our new app.

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